Changes to the October 2017 FSOT

Posting for anyone considering taking the test! I'll update past study guides accordingly and hopefully have some new info on this section of the test. This is straight from PearsonVUE as posted on the Reddit /r/foreignservice page:

"The Biographic Information Questionnaire section of the Foreign Service Officer Test will be discontinued beginning with the October 2017 FSOT. It will be replaced with Situational Judgement Test (SJT) items. The SJT section will present scenarios (i.e., descriptions of situations) that a candidate might encounter on the job as a Foreign Service Officer. Each scenario is accompanied by possible responses to that scenario. For each scenario, candidates select the BEST response and the WORST response. The SJT section of the test consists of 28 scenarios administered in 42 minutes."

More info on the PearsonVUE page once you log in:


The Results Are In:

I passed.

To advance to the QEP stage, applicants must have achieved a score of 154 on the multiple choice components of the FSOT and an essay score of at least 6 on a 12-point scale. Essays were scored for those candidates who received at least 154 on the multiple choice section.
There are three parts in the multiple choice section. You scored as follows:
Job Knowledge: 57.6

Biographic Questionnaire: 59.84
English Expression: 60.91
Multiple Choice Total: 178.35
Your Essay Score: 7

Congratulations again. We look forward to receiving your Personal Narratives submission.
The Board of Examiners

Next up in the list of flaming hoops to jump through: Personal Narratives. More soon, folks. I’m off to do my happy dance for a day or three. Keep reading, this adventure isn’t done yet!

‘Till next time.


SWIFTLY out from the friendly lilt of the band,
The crowd’s good laughter, the loved eyes of men,
  I am drawn nightward; I must turn again
Where, down beyond the low untrodden strand,
There curves and glimmers outward to the unknown        5

The old unquiet ocean. All the shade
Is rife with magic and movement. I stray alone
 Here on the edge of silence, half afraid,
  Waiting a sign. In the deep heart of me
The sullen waters swell towards the moon,       10

And all my tides set seaward.
  From inland
Leaps a gay fragment of some mocking tune,
That tinkles and laughs and fades along the sand,
And dies between the seawall and the sea.       15

Twelve Knots: All The Wind I Can Handle

View from the bow of S/Y Argo Location: Somewhere off the coast of Africa

Twelve Knots = 14 miles per hour.

Twelve knots of wind is my ideal sailing weather. Back when I sailed The Dread Pirate Roberts (a 12ft dinghy called a Laser) twelve knots of wind was the most I could handle while still staying upright. Too much more than that and I would capsize. For me, twelve knots, has become a bit of a mantra for finding the balance between my limits and flying.