Hello, my name is: Halle

That’s Halle like, “Halle Berry,” or “Halley’s Comet,” or “Hallelujah” – take your pick. Or call me Hayley; I usually answer to that too.

I am a sailor, an artist, a student, a teacher, a traveler, a foodie, an adventurer-er, a blogger, and if I’m very, very lucky: a diplomat.

Skills & Hidden Talents:

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Twelve Knots: All The Wind I Can Handle

View from the bow of S/Y Argo Location: Somewhere off the coast of Africa

Twelve Knots = 14 miles per hour.

Twelve knots of wind is my ideal sailing weather. Back when I sailed The Dread Pirate Roberts (a 12ft dinghy called a Laser) twelve knots of wind was the most I could handle while still staying upright. Too much more than that and I would capsize. For me, twelve knots, has become a bit of a mantra for finding the balance between my limits and flying.