I’m On the Register!

I feel like this GIF really encompasses my feelings right now. So happy and yet overwhelmed. I am officially on the Political Cone Register for the Foreign Service!

For those who are just joining in, getting on the register means I am now on a (big) list of people who have been approved by the government as good people to hire. I will now wait until I am (hopefully) called off the list to join a training course (called an A-100) which typically happen 4 or 5 times a year. Continue reading


The Results Are In:

I passed.

To advance to the QEP stage, applicants must have achieved a score of 154 on the multiple choice components of the FSOT and an essay score of at least 6 on a 12-point scale. Essays were scored for those candidates who received at least 154 on the multiple choice section.
There are three parts in the multiple choice section. You scored as follows:

Job Knowledge: 57.6

Biographic Questionnaire: 59.84
English Expression: 60.91
Multiple Choice Total: 178.35

Your Essay Score: 7

Congratulations again. We look forward to receiving your Personal Narratives submission.
The Board of Examiners

Next up in the list of flaming hoops to jump through: Personal Narratives. More soon, folks. I’m off to do my happy dance for a day or three. Keep reading, this adventure isn’t done yet!

‘Till next time.