June FSOT is Coming Soon


Personal Narratives Guide

Hey all! This is my third time submitting the Personal Narratives and I thought I’d put together a guide. The first thing you should know is that we (as FS hopefuls) know almost nothing about how PNs are graded or why some people pass and some people fail. This is all up to BEX as they review the “whole candidate.” Who is the whole candidate? Good question.

Acronym Cheat Sheet

  • BEX – Board of Examiners
  • PN – Personal Narrative
  • PNQ – Personal Narrative Question
  • QEP – Qualified Examination Panel

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Repeat After Me: “The Foreign Service Does Not Love Me Back”

Sorry folks, no A-100 offer this time. It was honestly a roller coaster since the shadow register showed me in the #1 spot while invites were going out. Unfortunately, the shadow register is self-reported. That means that while it can show me when I won’t get an offer (too many confirmed candidates above me), it may be inaccurate when it tells me I will get an offer. Continue reading